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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting


If you’re new to the digital world of domains and .html’s, then you probably need help finding the right WordPress host for you. There are many reasons why you might be looking to create a website. You could be creating a blog to keep up with family and friends, launching a site for your business, or starting a fun and informative page about one of your passions. It’s the internet; the possibilities are endless! What isn’t endless, however, is the amount of hosting services available to you through WordPress. Generally speaking, there are free, shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed hosting services. Different services are better for different needs; read on to find which one is right for you!

Before you search through our favorite options below, however, you should understand what exactly it is that these services do. Every website on the internet needs some sort of host. The purpose of the host is to allow you to share your content with the world. They function by storing the data of your website on their high-tech and high-speed computers called servers. They use the internet to make your data available to the world. Of course, depending on your motives, you’ll want to share content in different ways.

WordPress is the most widely used platform for websites. It is secure and reliable. With WordPress, you can either use your own host or use WordPress.com, which will maintain your website for you. If you want more freedom with your site, however, you will have to find your own hosting service that is compatible with WordPress.

We are dedicated to helping you get your content out there. So, below we have listed our favorite WordPress compatible hosts.

Blue Host : (http://www.bluehost.com.com)

This hosting service is one of the oldest and most trusted platforms out there. It is even the number one host recommended by WordPress.

  • Special offer for Beginners
  • Free Domain
  • Free Sitebuilder
  • Incredibly Fast, even with traffic
  • One Click WordPress Installation

Boomerang Hosting (www.bomeranghosting.com )

Inmotion Hosting is both well-known and reliable. It is a good host for the business class blogger.

  • Best tech support available
  • Great room for growth for bloggers
  • User Favorite
  • 9% Uptime (time during which the site is up and running)

Web Hosting Hub

This host is the best choice for small business owners.

  • Easy control panels and features
  • Simple
  • Discounts for new users
  • Awarded for Best Value, unmatched price for its worth

Hostgator (http://www.hostgator.com)

Hostigator has a very good reputation in the world of bloggers and website builders.

  • 9% uptime
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Easy to use
  • Hosts WP Beginner

Siteground (www.siteground.com)

This service is entirely unique and a great choice.

  • Incredibly Fast
  • Security
  • Great Tech Support
  • Automatic updates
  • Free Domain Name
  • Huge Discounts for Beginners
  • 3 locations (U.S., Europe, Singapore)

Now that you can see the attributes of the different hosts, find one that best suits the needs of your domain. You can be sure that by choosing from these choices, you will be satisfied. This information article was prepared by boomeranghosting.com